Client Review


3/14/2008 Wedding

RJ is the best DJ ever! He was the most flexible, professional and caring DJ we had met with the wholeeee time in our search for a DJ. First, because we were from the Orlando area, he willingly met us half way to have an initial meeting. I was impressed with his professionalism, great portfolio, and being prepared for our meeting. In addition, he is very personable and willning to do what you want to make sure your event is perfect. He's one of those DJ's who is truly concerned with making your event amazing. He's not obnoxious or overbearing, he's almost like a wall flower, except when it's time to transition to the next event. He brought a wireless setup for the ceremony, and then another system for the reception. He did a great job following my do's and don'ts list and playing greattt music. He was so flexible when it came to the day of. We had weather issues, and he was ready to move to where we need him to at the drop of a dime. I would highly, highly, highly recommend him. I addition, his cool announcer voice really added class to the event!